A DKS Joint

After leaving Market Friday at Spelman College I was walking up Brown Street heading back towards the fifth floor and on the way I bumped into DKS part time camera man TK. Beside him was one of Morehouse’s most prestigious graduates Shelton “Spike” Lee. After getting the signal from TK I followed them into a classroom where Spike spoke about some of his films and his thoughts about the film industry today. He was very insightful and best of all he says that they are making a SCHOOL DAZE 2! So look for DKS in an upcoming Spike Lee Joint.




I think him and Lebron are the only ones with these ha

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3 Responses to A DKS Joint

  1. David Albert says:

    I am a little jealous bruh…It is crazy how you have just bumped into these people. Spike Lee at that, If I had the chance I would have been interviewing more than anything. That is great for you guys shit looks dope as hell.

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