DKS : Top 5 Hip-Hop Albums of The Decade

In between time DKS will be dropping our top 5 favorites of the decade from music to fashion, sports, etc. The first we’ve decided hit you with is our top 5 hip-hop albums from the decade. The first three were automatic then we got into serious debate about the last 2, this nigga Kadeem, smh, his ass been in ATL too long. Thats all imma say lol. We also did a honorable mention because there some that you just cant leave out!

5. Outkast – Stankonia
OutKast - Stankonia

Deem– This is probably my favorite Outkast album. It has endless classics on it like Ms. Jackson, B.O.B, and So Fresh, So Clean.

Fav Track – Ms. Jackson

Kev– This album isn’t one of my personal favorites but i am a fan of Outkast. The singles hit and it was a quality album.

Fav track – So fresh, So Clean

Steff –
As soon as I heard “Sorry Miss Jackson”, I picked up the album ASAP. I was a lil nigga at that time so you kno I had the clean version, but I still cranked it.

4. Cam’ron – Purple Haze

Cam'Ron - Purple Haze

Deem-This is without question Cam’rons best album. It had great beats on it and was just a real soulful album. Always takes me back to the days of the early 00s when Roc-A-Fella was doin it big.

Fav Track – Killa Cam

Kev– Even though Cams lyrical content is off wack sometimes, for some reason I just love his music his flow is unique and felt he was worthy of the #4 spot.

Fav Track- Down & Out

Steff –
I was waiting for this album for a longgg time. I was big on dipset and they had alot of momentum at that time (2004) Cam didnt dissapoint AT ALL with this one. The song “Killa Cam” alone makes this album a classic!

3. Jay-Z – The Black Album

JayZ - The Black Album

Deem– I have probably never anticipated and album more than I have this one since it was supposed to be Jay-Z’s last. I still remember buying it off the mexican kid on the bus a month before it came out and memorizing before everyone else ha. And P.S.A is one of my favorite songs of all-time.

Fav Track – P.S.A

Kev– To be honest I could throw the black album and blueprint in the air and be satisfied with whichever one landed in my lap. I mean from beginning to end every track was influential.due to some compromising this album fell to a unfortunate 3.

Fav Track- Change Clothes

Steff – This is the album that Jay-Z retired on. This album was everything, gritty, conscious, soulful and even had party/ladies joints. Such a solid hip-hop album, and “Encore” was unbelievable when I first heard it.

2. Kanye West – College Dropout
Kanye -  College Dropout

Deem- I still remember the first time I heard College Dropout. I was in Springfield Mall waiting on my bro to finish karate practice and instantly got addicted to it. It was one of the greatest albums I have ever heard and almost every track on their is classic.

Fav Track – Spaceship

Kev– This album had so much poured into it. You could hear the pain in Kanyes voice and how he wanted to be heard.He put his soul into this joint and itll be hard for another artist to make a debut like this one with the story that came behind it.

Fav Track- Through The Wire & Spaceship

Steff – College Dropout was ground breaking, because it was the first mainstream album in a LONG time that just spoke on everyday moments outside of hood life. Every track was good or better. And Kanye might actually be the artist of entire decade.

1. Jay-Z – The Blueprint

JayZ Blueprint

Deem-This album made me a Jay-Z fan and in my opinion changed Hip-Hop. Nobody was doing soul beats and samples before this album. It is one of those albums that you can listen through from beginning to end. I still listen to it on the regular today and it will probably never get old. It was truly the blueprint for Hip-Hop.

Fav Track- Hola Hovito’

Kev– This album is pretty epic. Everything came together, from productions by Kanye and Just Blaze to Jays witty lyrics. This album had so many anthems and shall go down as one of the greatest. sn: Nas got’em.ha

Fav track- H to the Izzo

Steff – The Blueprint opened up the path for most of the albums on this list and the honorable mentions. Kanye on production and Jay on the mic became the most dangerous duo of the decade. On top of everything the album dropped at the peak of the Rocafella empire. The album defined great for the time.

***HONORABLE MENTION*** Common – Be ; Kanye West – Late Registration ; The Clipse – Lord Willin’ ; Nas – Stillmatic

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9 Responses to DKS : Top 5 Hip-Hop Albums of The Decade

  1. anthonyrandolph757 says:

    Damn, no food and liquor?? and you should do another countdown for mixtapes..

  2. 1000steff says:

    Mixtapes? Yall niggas jus wanna see lil wayne & Gucci on nah we might hit mixtapes..Its kinda too many of them joints tho..

  3. David says:

    Definitely a list of some new millennium classics…I am a little upset that you all did not include My man Lupe like the guy above said or did not include my boys Outkasts earlier albums. Overall, I am approving this list and every honorable mention that is mentioned. Haha And, I know you guys forgot the pre-Carter 3 Lil Wayne…LOL Its okay I’ll still forgive you…LMFAO.

  4. Jamel says:

    Son really???..No tribe???

  5. supremedeem says:

    this is top 5 albums of the decade son ha. what hot albums has tribe really put out in the 00s

  6. 1000steff says:

    @David That Outkast album dropped in 2000..Anything earlier wouldnt have been this decade..

    Yo thatt the second person who said somethin bout the Midnight Maurauders didnt come out in ’94…They been irrelvant this decade son..

  7. anthonyrandolph757 says:

    i mean the atcq antholoigy came out in 02′, but it is a good list, and i meant suggest some mixtapes for the people man..

  8. melofp says:

    Damn son c i didnt know you was tlking about just the 00’ my fauly

  9. ed says:

    i just realized how little good music theres been this decade

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