A Night Off

I got a call from my mans Jordan yesterday telling me that he was throwing a party. I took this as a chance to break out my christmas gift and see what I can do with it so I grabbed my camera, scooped Niko and headed over. I only anticipated it being a few people there but it turned out to be at the peak like 30 people. It made me remember what it was like to party with white people and that beer pong still does exist ha. I was a lil rusty though. Here’s a few highlights from the night…

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5 Responses to A Night Off

  1. unanimous says:

    whos the sexy filipino guy with a giants hat he was talkin to me

  2. maaamiiii says:

    put em alll up !

  3. kjkkkkkkkkk says:

    yeah yo put them all up

  4. grmntsfounders says:

    yea son put the rest of em up

  5. what? says:

    Put the rest up man !

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