Throwback Thursday

This weeks throwback thursday is the last throwback thursday of the year and the last of the decade! The first decade of the 21st century has given us such great music and artist.  My Favorite artist of this decade and in my opinion the biggest was Jay-Z. In this decade alone he went from a great rapper to a living legend. He could do no wrong this and everything that he touched turned platinum. He even helped start some of the great careers of musicians today like Kanye West, the Neptunes, Dipset and etc.  So this weeks throwback thursday song is 99 Problems off of the Black Album.  This is arguably the song of the decade btw.

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5 Responses to Throwback Thursday

  1. NP says:

    Started the Neptunes career? no sirrrrrr lol

  2. supremedeem says:

    he really did son. name me a neptune joint before “I Just wanna Love you”. After they produced that joint and Jay labeled it the neptune sound they really took off

  3. 1000steff says:

    No need for edit, Kadeem is right…He said “help” start..Not start altogether..Teddy Riley could be credited with the actual “start” of their career. But it wasnt until The Neptunes got their first placement on a Jay record that they became the super-producer NEPTUNES that you see today. So he definitely started the NEXT LEVEL of their career. School you niggas lls

  4. supremedeem says:

    thanks stef ha.

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