Where Steff Been? – Chicago, Illinois

For about the last two weeks I been in Chicago (And Im still here), chillin wit one of my friends from HU. Alot has happened but I decided to snap a few pics just to show a lil of Chicago and what I been doin out here. The city is full of culture and I got to witness it all first hand from the slang, Juke Music, Footworkin, to Deep Dish Pizza. We were scheduled to see a Bulls game, but we were invited to one of our friends parties from HU out here in the Chi, and decided to save our money. I had fun, so we made it official for me to come back in the Summer for “The Taste of Chicago” in June right before I head out to London. Here’s some of the photos I snapped, you can tell the Digital Camera shots from the BlackBerry shots.

This one looks professional, It was like 5 degrees Downtown when I took this.

The Michigan Ave/Magnificent Mile strip is lined up wit heavy shopping. Sorta like SoHo Manhattan and Georgetown DC.

We partied in the New Years at Club Secrets, “live” aint even the word. The V.I.P. alone was hyper than most parties!

NikeTown on “The Magnificent Mile”, five floors of Nike’s & Jordans.

At New Brunswick Bowlin Alley, I never seen a bowlin alley wit so much liquor. And it was jumpin like a club! Love this pic.

We spent alot of time in the hood(Westside). But only one pic to show, You cant be snappin pics in the hood lookin like a fed n shyt lol

My favorite part of Chicago, The Southside. I would definitely live here.

Me cold Downtown. No flash so it came out dark idk.

Ralph Lauren on The Magnificent Mile. They had the new NEW shyt in here.

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2 Responses to Where Steff Been? – Chicago, Illinois

  1. David Albert says:

    I’m fucking with it..I’m fucking with it. This here is some quality shit man. I went to the Go this past summer, but not for my own personal reasons and it wasn’t even the city so I did not get to enjoy it like you sir. Even though, I would not mind going out there to see what I could my hands into as far a lifestyle goes or even just to see what they have out there. Whether it be from women to clubs, shops to clothes, art to fashion shows…I just would like to head out there and get my feet wet and see how connected I could get before I left a city like that. SMH Overall, I’m happy for you man, and was wondering London…? You’re going to have to speak on that later. Anyway, keep the hot shit coming!

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