As many of you well know I am a freshman at Morehouse College and I stay in Hubert Hall. I found this video during the summer and I was just amazed with all the school/dorm spirt that they had. The people in this video went to school when HBCU enrollment was at a high and during the AUC still had Morris Brown. After watching this I am proud to say that I stay in Hubert Hall and not just the 5th floor. This is the kind of pride DKS, Rare Impressions, Extravagant Minds and the 5th floor is trying to create not just for our Residence hall, Morhouse/Spelman but all HBCUs.

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One Response to HU RHO 93

  1. NSU-ANT says:

    this shit is dope.. but 46 seconds in the nigga on the left had overals on.. but you and should do a 210 joint with Khalifa..

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