A Live Weekend in ATL w/ the WHOLE DKS & 5th Floor. (A must see video)

Last weekend I came down to Atlanta with two of my people from HU, to party for Kevan and Deem B-day weekend. This was the first time the whole DKS was in ATL together. We planned on being there by Thursday but we got invited to a big Kappa party in Richmond Thurs night that pushed us back. But anyway, we hit two house parties and a club friday night in Atlanta. We didnt really get pictures and video like we were suppose to cuz we was too busy in the moment.

Luckily on Saturday we found out about a college tour Go-Go goin on in ATL. You know how I feel about Go-Go so it was automatic we was gonna be in there (minus Kevan he dont eff wit it). So Sat night, Me, Kadeem and the fifth floor MoreHouse crew went go see TCB, ABM, XIB and Tru Expressions @ “The Candy Shop”. Kadeem’s first Go-Go and he got it kicked off with a classic one!! Not only one of the livest GO-GO’s I’ve ever been to but also livest parties PERIOD!! That jont got CRAZYYY..Our mans from Rare Impressions Khalifa recorded parts of it and made tuff video. My favorite band out of the four is ABM, but I think everyone would agree the night went to XIB. They tore the club F*CKIN DOWNNN!! Sweat everywhere, look like we had been playin full court basketball in that jont lol

Kadeem is all through the video, I dont come up til around 5:20 for a sec.

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