A Rare Impression

Those of you that saw me or knew me this past year know that it was rare to see me without KHALIFAH MUHAMMAD beside me. This is why it is so hard for me to write this right now. He was more than just a friend to me, he was my BROTHER! He would do anything for you. From late night walks to chevron to even writing your english papers.  He lived to help people and that is what he saw the most joy in.  As you have known if you have been viewing our blog Khalifah has given us most of our post. He would always tell me “Deem we bout to make a vid! Get Ready! and u already know i got u stamped.” We would go back an forth just joking everyday about everything. Telling each other what we plan to do, girls, and how sophomore was going to be crazy.  We still bout to be in the suites an eating CRAB MEATS!  I can go on an on but I know that is not going to bring you back. Im just glad we got to party one last time at the go-go an i got to say goodbye to you. I will never forget an all the memories you have blessed me with in just one years time. And WE STILL ALL WE GOT! Rest in Paradise my brother and you were truly A RARE IMPRESSION

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