Legacy of a Legend

So a few days ago the 2nd greatest baseball player of all-time and my favorite player decided to retire. Ken Griffey Jr was so influential on black youth and their participation in the sport. He was ground breaking to the sport as an athlete as well as a marketing tool. He is not the Michael Jordan of baseball but Michael Jordan is the Ken Griffey Jr of basketball.There will never be another baseball player of his caliber and as a tribute Ive chosen my favorite signature shoe of his,the Air Griffey Max 3. Even though i was only 7 yrs old it was love at first sight and I begged my pops to buy them, from the crooked lases to the strap these shoes were evolutionary. I wore them until the soles fell off! ha

Air Griffey Max 3

Career Stat line: 22 seasons, ba avg.285, 630 hrs, 1829 rbi

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A Day in Ghent

I dont care where I go in life and how many cities I see nothing compares to home. As a Virginia and Hampton Roads native the Ghent section of Norfolk is one of my favorite places.  It is a place that is rich with art and music while having two colleges at its borders (Norfolk State University & Old Dominion University). Ghent also has great places to shop such as Commonwealth and Sole Brothers while also having one of the best malls in the 757 in MacArthur. While my #5thfloor mans Jamel from Extravagant Minds was in town I showed him the VA of his youth and how it has changed.  We also hit VA beach but due our political connects might frown on the pics we took there so we can’t broadcast those. So here is just a few snapshots of our day.


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Crooks X Commonwealth

Commonwealth released a special edition of New Era’s and tees created in a partnership with the Crooks Family. For the drop they celebrated with an instore event at the DC shop and luckily TK was on the scene. Click the link for his video below.

Crooks & C’mon from Live. Much. Productions on Vimeo.

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Welcome to the Beginning

I still can’t believe that I have made it to this point in my life. After watching this video I realized that my freshman year is officially over and I am a College Sophomore!  It seems just like yesterday when I first walked into Hubert Hall for the first time not knowing anybody in the AUC but Kevan at CAU.  Now I have friends like the 5th floor and others who I feel like I have known my whole life.  I’m just thankful that I have somebody to document my college years. I would just like to Welcome You to the Beginning!

Shoutout to Khalifah over at Rare Impression!

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A day in Georgetown….

D.K.S 101 from Live. Much. Productions on Vimeo.

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5th Floor Week

5th floor/Freshman week was last week and it was a great one! here are a few highlights from it..


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